Posted: August 24, 2008 in Current opinions
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God, how I tire of paedophile “news”. As I don’t read the tabloids I’m normally spared the lurid details but as I have an overactive imagination so every time I hear the name “Paul Gadd” or “Gary Glitter” my brain is bombarded with grotesque images. Which is all very well when there is actual news story but when the man is simply catching a plane I don’t see any reason for it to be a top story on the BBC, especially when there is actual news, such as the Russian invasion of Georgia.

If someone has broken the law then that is surely a matter for the criminal justice system, but paedophilia seems to bring out the worst in the British, and characters like Gadd, like the proverbial rapist in the dark alley, fit into a convenient stereotype as opposed to facing the real problem which in this case is that child molestation is, in the vast majority of cases, carried out in secret by relatives of the victim.

I wonder what the world would be like if instead of picking incendiary non-news items people were to instead confront what is making them intrinsically angry and do something about that instead – I’ll provide a musical soundtrack as required. That way perhaps trained professionals could concentrate on containing and treating paedophiles whilst me and others like me could continue my life relatively free of a subject which does not concern us, apart from perhaps the odd charitable donation. See

Update (March 2009): Six months on and nobody seemingly knows or cares where he is because it doesn’t matter after all. Doh!

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