Two Hour Track

Posted: September 2, 2009 in Exclusive tracks, Music, Ultraviolence MP3s
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2HourPhotoWhilst I was very ill the only way for me to program music was to do very little each day, which has led me to have many unfinished tracks on my hard drive and has got me into bad habits of leaving bits and going back to them much later, having forgotten what the original idea was or simply getting bored with it. Yuck! That way of working can also lead to over-polishing – adding too many effects and diluting the original idea and sounds.

No more fucking around

In trying to break the habit I’ve decided to write a series of tracks in a strict two hour time limit. Whilst my best works have taken much, much longer than that, most of the tracks from the Shocker album were written very fast, with the emphasis on excitement and attitude and less attention to audio fidelity.

Download the MP3, bender

I’ve put the first one up here. It’s called Bender as the pitch is bent on all the synth tracks. The title may have unfortunate relations with Futurama and homophobia, but neither are bothersome enough to change it. I think it turned out quite well for a first effort, but it’d need a couple of hours more to be more focussed and live out the potential of the ideas. I could do that, cannibalise it for sounds on other tracks or just leave it and move on…I’m undecided. See what you think…

  1. Jon says:

    Sounds good, but could do with being a bit longer, I like Ultraviolence tracks to be at least 3.5 minutes long and also with some kind of lyrics to sing along to

  2. Jon Symtal says:

    Hey hey! Quite punk in it’s shortness, I like it. Defo looking forward to hearing more. I’m heading back to Oz in April next year, we should defo catch up before then. Glad you’re feeling better, bud..

  3. Joep says:

    Hey Johnny, been a while. I’ll listen when I get home from work – as always anxious for new stuff from you ^^

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