Evil Animals

Posted: August 23, 2010 in Pictorial

Contrary to current PC thinking and propaganda from so-called naturalists, many animals prone to thinking in an evil way. Some act on these impulses, going on to commit acts of evil. Here are some historical examples…

It was common practice in the era for horror films to claim to be based on actual events, but the 1961 Hammer film “Devil Bear” had actual routes in police reports from 19th century Holland, where several families were successively the victims of abhorrent ritual slaughter. All were found to have at one stage to have owned an individually made Stief Bear, for whom they had all independantly chosen the name “Clufrie.”

Although a relatively low level Nazi, Sturmbannführer Dorent Bilger was ironically known as “The Ratcatcher” by his superiors for his ability to flush out resistance activists in Vichy France, often by taking their family members hostage, and publicly committing acts of sadistic mutilation, often ending in murder. Wanted for warcrimes, Bilger’s last confirmed sighting was in 1952 on the outskirts of Buenos Aires, although numerous unconfirmed reports have pointed towards Fido’s Pet Bazaar, Norwich, UK.

Pictured is one Scrait Kanes, of Birmingham , Alabama – Grand Wizard of the Klu Klux Klan from 1922 until in 1927 an accident whilst practicing for a demanding magic trick left him trapped in the form of a rattlesnake. Kanes attempted to remain in his role, even acting as the noose during a lynching. However, in a majority vote other Knights denounced his being as “unchristian” and sold him to Alabama Gulf Coast Zoo.  He died of starvation in 1931, after the curator refused his request to examine the bloodlines of the albino rats that were his food.


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