Ultraviolence@Power of Bass

Posted: October 21, 2010 in Uncategorized


In my first public appearance since 2007 I’ll be DJing at Power of Bass, Ghent, Belgium on the 4th of December. Why Belgium? Well, Joep from PoB has been persuing me to do something for ages as some of my tracks are apparently quite big on the industrial scene over there. My health still isn’t always 100% so I’m not up to booking gigs, but I’d like to be out doing something and I enjoy DJing so there you go. I’ll be booking some dates in the UK for early next year.

I’ll probably be playing for an hour or so, some new material of mine, a few oldies and some new hardcore music that impressed me. In the meantime check out this PoB trailer…I’ll probably extend it into a full length track for the event.

Also check out…

Nick cave and Warren Ellis’ masterful White Lunar CD, featuring re-recordings of three of their recent soundtrack works, including The Assination of Jesse James…which got me into this, although I wasn’t keen on the plodding Oscarhunt of a film. Works as dark chillout music, from the coffee table to the knife rack…


Normally if I want to hear Mozart’s Requiem with fucked up hardcore beats I have to spend hours doing it myself, however Disease’s Divided But United (Project Industrial mix) does the job for me for the price of a download. I couldn’t find out anything about Disease, but you can try and buy this here.


I can’t stop watching the stunning blu-ray release of Italian horror classic Suspiria, well worth the hi-def upgrade from DVD with colours that punch and rip through the hyperreal blood flow. On a big screen the effect is better than you would have got in the intended format of a 1970s cinema  Goblin’s prog yet good soundtrack is one of the best of all time, but could have done with a remaster as it is rather undynamic and unintentionally distorted – very much like a 70’s cinema when you crank it…witch…WITCH…oh god I’ve got to see it again.

Indie games developer Pencel Game’s excellent Gerbil Physics is worth 60p and a couple of hours of any Xbox 360 owner’s time.  Reminiscent of Lemmings or Elephunk, manipulating boxes of rodents is a charming and gently taxing way to spend an afternoon.



  1. Joep Moens says:

    And I’m counting down like you wouldn’t believe! (and I’m not the only one)

    looking forward to every bit of new stuff and I’m hoping it’ll be a success.

    see you soon!

    PS, I really need to check out suspiria huh. though considering that it seems like waiting until I have a blu-ray player is in order 🙂

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