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This recipe was inspired by a few of my Facebook friend’s love for super hot chilli sauces, and particullar Jon who is allergic to tomatoes, so I’ve used red peppers instead. Nearly all the ingredients are red because that’s the colour of FIRE! BURNING HOT FIRE! OK – enough of the subtle hints – this is a very hot sauce for people who’ve been eating hot things for years – if you find Tabasco hot then please eat that instead !!!ULTRAVIOLENCE NAGA FIREBIRD SAUCE WILL BE TOO HOT FOR YOU!!! Disclaimer over. It is also designed to be a tasty, natural sauce and is not intended to make anyone ill or be uneatable – I ate around 50ml every night for four nights and felt fine.
Finished finished


5 dried ghost naga chilli peppers
8 fresh Thai birdseye chillies
2 large red peppers (capsicums)
50g muscavado sugar
4 fresh garlic cloves
3 sprigs fresh rosemary
50ml red wine vinagar
200ml red wine (any kind)
200ml water
Olive oil
  • Preparation time 15 mins
  • Cooking time 2 hours
  • Makes around 600ml
Firebird ingredients


1/ Preheat oven 160 or 180 (fan)

2/ Take the rosemary off the stalk and put in a bowl with the ghost chillies. Add the red wine and the vinagar. Leave.

Firebird bowl

3/ Chop the two red peppers into quarters, removing the flesh and seeds. Peel and quarter the onions. Destalk the birdseye chillies. Peel the garlic. Put into a roasting traywith a big slug of olive oil and a good shake of salt. Put into oven for 45 minutes, stirring halfway through cooking time.

Firebird roasting

4/ Put the cooked ingredients from the roasting tray into a saucepan. Rince the roasting tray with the 200ml water and add that too. Fianlly put in the red wine and ghost mixture as well as the sugar and bring to the boil. Reduce to very low heat and simmer for an hour.

Firebird 4-saucepan

5/ Allow mixture to cool slightly then blend thoughroughly using a hand blender or jug style mixture. Ready to eat as soon as it’s cooled. Yum yum and ouch! Keeps for three weeks in sealed container in the fridge.


Serving sugestions

Goes great with all the usual suspects…especially wraps, fajittas and burgers.

serving 2

The Firebird greets you with a friendly sting from the birdseyes followed by a deep burn from the ghost nagas. Also flies well as a cooking ingredient..very handy if you live with a non-chilli head…just split the portions before they finish cooking and add the sauce to yours!


You can get most of the ingredients from the supermarket and the nagas from eBay. The sauce costs less than buying pre-made sauces online, but not by much. Totally fresh, though…you have to love it! is live!

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After several weeks of tinkering the new Ultraviolence website is ready to visit. Whilst was great in its day I wanted something markedly different as Ultraviolence gradually becomes a serious concern again, along with a snappy new URL. I went with a FLASH website courtesy of Wix so I could program it myself from scratch and update everything easily – and it is very easy indeed so I’d suggest anyone might enjoy having a play with a Wix template. Its taken ages to get everything on there, though and I’m still adding things and streamlining it – please let me know if you have any comments or suggestions concerning ease of use, content or anything else.

Where have I been?

I have posted a few things about my long term illness but to avoid any confusion or speculation I will be explicit. I had severe chest pains starting in late 2005 which lasted 3 months and were diagnosed as costochondritis – a painful swelling of chest tissue. The pain was aggravated under exercise or sudden movement of the chest as well as (seemingly) by stress and raising my voice– I spent most of the 3 months in bed, aside from a few things I had to do including several agonising gigs. The symptoms re-occurred mid-2006, again diagnosed as costochondritis and lasting around 3 months. This time I was more frustrated and attempted to “do” more, but ended up drinking alot of alcohol and putting on weight. The pain began again late 2006 and was this time accompanied by stomach pains, as wearing a torture tunic. Meantime, I had moved to Scotland where hospital appointments took up to six months. After many appointments and tests I was diagnosed as having oesophagitis – painful damage to the gullet caused by acid reflux – a kind of chronic heartburn. With appropriate (and some less appropriate) drugs the pain eased slightly, but was nowhere near going away as was expected. I moved back to England in late 2008 where a proper investigation of the pain was instigated. Although the pain was still there, I tested negative for oesophagitis. The options were that costochondritis (for which there is no straight test) had been the main source of pain all along (the oesophagitis being incidental) or that the pain from either ailment else had caused neural damage or any combination of the above. This takes us into 2009 and fortunately was gradually feeling better, and had started doing bits of cycling and taking an interest in music again. I therefore decided with the consultant from the entertainingly named Pain Clinic that the relief was sufficient not to go through further investigative procedures. There were however further symptoms of (definite) acid reflux, and (apparently unrelated) corneal erosion and to cap it off a spell of bone fusing in a toe leading to gout – not bad for someone who gave up the booze for three years!

What I am doing?

I have been completely healthy since October of last year so I decided should that continue for a year I’ll consider gigging again. I can’t contemplate gigging with the full on chest pain – the circumstances appear custom made to aggravate the symptoms and it is not something that would make for a great performance. DJing is much easier, though, and I could cope even if things went tits up. Following an enjoyable Eurostar jaunt to Belgium last December I have a serious interest in preparing and playing mixes for people, whereas in years gone by DJing was more a promotional tool.

Where am I going?

My first UK appearance for 5 years will be at Electrocide in Preston on the 6th June – for full details check and the event’s Facebook page – also check the Electrocide jingle on I’ll be spinning around 90 mins of Ultraviolence familiar and new as well as cutting edge hardcore electronica from the artists I love. More dates will be tricking in so keep checking or see the contacts page to get updates.

Also check out…

Music DJ Narcotic and Nevermind’s United States of Terror  is an extraordinary release recalling New York hardcore pioneers Disciples of Annihilation’s tunes of the 90’s, also on Industrial Strength Records. This keeps the same core elements of pounding high velocity 909 drums, short speed-metal guitar samples and distorted uber-aggressive vocals whilst sounding shockingly fresh – I think is may be down to the arrangement and the fact that DOA’s tracks were wrongly dismissed by many as “easy” music to make and so were copied only unsuccessfully, leaving the path clear for someone to pick up the mantle. Fifteen years on and here it is…

If the idea of beautifully composed images of burning oilfields set to classical music appeals to you then you’ll love Werner Herzog’s meisterwork Lessons of Darkness. I used to watch this all the time on VHS and it’s great to have the DVD, even if I had to import an R1 disc.

Another bargain Xbox indie game is Infinity Danger, a simple series of bullet hell battles fought against a series of randomly generated modular bosses. I clocked up over 5 hours on this and I reached world ranking 45 – forcing me to commit the sin of pride – not bad for 60p. Killer electronic speech flattering satisfying laser blasts, too.

Ultraviolence@Power of Bass

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In my first public appearance since 2007 I’ll be DJing at Power of Bass, Ghent, Belgium on the 4th of December. Why Belgium? Well, Joep from PoB has been persuing me to do something for ages as some of my tracks are apparently quite big on the industrial scene over there. My health still isn’t always 100% so I’m not up to booking gigs, but I’d like to be out doing something and I enjoy DJing so there you go. I’ll be booking some dates in the UK for early next year.

I’ll probably be playing for an hour or so, some new material of mine, a few oldies and some new hardcore music that impressed me. In the meantime check out this PoB trailer…I’ll probably extend it into a full length track for the event.

Also check out…

Nick cave and Warren Ellis’ masterful White Lunar CD, featuring re-recordings of three of their recent soundtrack works, including The Assination of Jesse James…which got me into this, although I wasn’t keen on the plodding Oscarhunt of a film. Works as dark chillout music, from the coffee table to the knife rack…


Normally if I want to hear Mozart’s Requiem with fucked up hardcore beats I have to spend hours doing it myself, however Disease’s Divided But United (Project Industrial mix) does the job for me for the price of a download. I couldn’t find out anything about Disease, but you can try and buy this here.


I can’t stop watching the stunning blu-ray release of Italian horror classic Suspiria, well worth the hi-def upgrade from DVD with colours that punch and rip through the hyperreal blood flow. On a big screen the effect is better than you would have got in the intended format of a 1970s cinema  Goblin’s prog yet good soundtrack is one of the best of all time, but could have done with a remaster as it is rather undynamic and unintentionally distorted – very much like a 70’s cinema when you crank it…witch…WITCH…oh god I’ve got to see it again.

Indie games developer Pencel Game’s excellent Gerbil Physics is worth 60p and a couple of hours of any Xbox 360 owner’s time.  Reminiscent of Lemmings or Elephunk, manipulating boxes of rodents is a charming and gently taxing way to spend an afternoon.